Daily Cycling Tours

Daily Cycling Rides around the Matera hills, the Park of Rock Churches, San Giuliano Lake and the Crypt of the Original Sin, Altamura, the Coast of Metaponto

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Matera By Bike

Code B04

Level: easy to moderate
Distance: 20 or 32 km
This is a loop offering you the possibility to reach the other side of the gorge in front of the Sassi district. This area is called Murgia Timone. You can visit caves and Rock Churches and have your picnic or light lunch at the visitor centre. The view of the old town is amazing.


Hybrid bike + road book:€ 18,00
E-bike + road book: € 30,00

Rolling Hills: The Lake And The Crypt

Code B01

Level: easy to moderate
Distance: 25 or 40 km
Moving from Matera main Square, take the downhill to the San Giuliano Lake, a naturalistic oasis where many migratory birds are moving from Africa. Have a picnic and go back through the same route.
If you like the longer solution you can book a visit to the Crypt of Original Sin, a rock church dating back IX century with the oldest frescoes in the area.


Hybrid bike + road book: € 18,00
E-bike + road book: € 30,00
Crypt entrance fee: € 10,00

The Bradano Valley

Code B02

Level: easy to moderate
Distance: 40 or 60 km
Cycling to the Bradano Valley, from Matera to Montescaglioso, and visit the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. Stop in a farm and have a light lunch with preserves made with local vegetables. Time for swimming in the pool. Back to Matera with our van.


hybrid bike, road book, light lunch, pool and van transfer: € 53,00
e-bike, road book, light lunch, pool and van transfer: € 70,00
hybrid bike + road book: € 18,00
e-bike + road book only: € 30,00

Matera to Altamura: the Bread and Focaccia loop

Code B03

Level: easy
Distance: 56 km
Cycling from Matera to the nearby Puglia, you will reach Altamura. This Apulian city is famous for its magnificent cathedral and its bread. Do not miss a ride in the alleys of the historical center, under the bell tower of the cathedral, and taste the delicious Altamura focaccia, freshly baked by an old wood-burning oven. Back to Matera crossing gorgeous pastures and landscapes.


Hybrid bike + road book: € 18,00
E-bike + road book: € 30,00

The Appian Way Route (for road bikes)

Code B05

Level: moderate
Distance: 90 km
This is one of our many solutions for road bikers. Moving from Matera you reach the medieval hamlet of Miglionico, on the Appian Way the queen of the long roads built during the Roman age. Here you can visit the magnificent Castello del Malconsiglio and the “Mother Church”. Continue to Grottole and Grassano then back to Matera after passing the lake.


Alu road bike + road book: € 30,00
Carbon road bike + road book: € 40,00

Other road bike itineraries available are:

  • Matera to Metaponto – km 90 _ easy loop
  • Matera to Accettura – km 80 _ moderate to challenge (return by van)
  • Matera to Alberobello – km 69 _ easy (return by van)
  • Matera to Tricarico – km 80 _ challenge (return by van)
  • Matera to Castel del Monte – km 80 _ moderate (return by van)
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