Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices
    Our prices refer to the net price per person. Payment Upon reservation a deposit equal to 25% of the quoted price must be paid; payment in full must then be anticipated to Ferula Viaggi 30 days before the departure date of the tour. For subscriptions that should be effected within 30 days preceding departure, the full amount must be paid at the time of subscription. Cancellations In case of reservations cancellation, Ferula Viaggi will apply the following penalties, in addition to all costs incurred with the annulment of the same:

* 30% of the full amount for cancellations effected up to 15 days before the expected arrival date;
* 50% of the full amount for cancellations effected up to 7 days before the expected arrival date;
*100% of the full amount for cancellations effected after the aforementioned deadlines;
* no reimbursement will be made for those who don’t show up for the tour’s departure and/or those who cancel during the course of the tour.

Program Whenever circumstances beyond our control make it necessary, the organization has the power to modify the travel program at any moment and reserves the right to modify hotels and/or other accommodation. The refusal of such changes on part of the client, will make Ferula Viaggi responsible exclusively for the return of the sums received as cautionary deposits.

  • Baggage
    All baggage travels under the direct surveillance and is the exclusive responsibility of the owner. Ferula Viaggi cannot in any case be held responsible for any eventual loss or damage to baggage. The carriers are limitedly responsible to the travellers during transport with their facilities/means in so far as the law prescribes. Responsibility The contracts of travel for the present program, are regulated by the law n. 1084 of 27.12.77 of ratification and execution of the “International conventions relative to contracts of travel” (CVV) signed in Brussels 23.04.70 and from the Italian D.L. 206/05. The responsibility of Ferula Viaggi cannot in any case exceed the foreseen limits of the law cited.
  • Complaints
    In the event of complaints regarding services received, the client is asked to immediately contact Ferula Viaggi so that there may be an investigation into the complaint and resolution achieved in a timely manner. Unforeseen events Acts of God and other situations beyond our control such as strikes, weather conditions, natural disasters, war, civil disobedience, military events, acts of terrorism and riots, are not attributable to carriers and Ferula Viaggi who cannot be held responsible for the lack of services received by clients due to airline, sea and land-travel delays.
  • Legal jurisdiction

In the event of any controversy the Matera Legal Forum will have jurisdiction.

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